Project Description

All American Marine is the exclusive manufacturer for Teknicraft Design™ in North America. Teknicraft was commissioned to design a multi-purpose offshore supply and crew transfer vessel for Mainprize Offshore Ltd, who has been operating in the North Sea for over 30 years. We work with each of our operators to design and construct their vessel to the highest quality, best value and superior performance for any vessel in its respective class. 

The 83-foot vessel was built by Buckie Shipyard in Scotland. The vessel name, MO1, symbolizes Mainprize Offshore’s change of name and increased focus on the offshore industry. This vessel was painstakingly designed to be truly multi­purpose and also remove issues found on other ships. Dedicated to quality, innovation, and flexibility, Mainprize Offshore researched a large number of vessels already on the market as well as vessels being constructed to find a gap in the market. This aluminum catamaran features every aspect of Teknicraft Design’s™ unique asymmetrical hull shape, which has been proven to provide excellent seakeeping all over the world. Serving currently to transfer crew as well as service an offshore Wind Farm, the MO1 was customized specifically for its mission and performance. The vessel is also fitted with an adjustable hydrofoil system to reduce fuel consumption in the cruise speed range of 28 to 30 knots and allows economical operation under any load condition.

The hull design features a special forefoot and cross-structure design to reduce vertical movements whilst working at wind turbines, and enabling it to maintain operation in up to 6-foot seas. The deck arrangement enables the vessel to carry cargo on both the rear deck and the foredeck, with space for up to 4x 20-foot containers. The vessel also has the capacity to carry up to 12 technicians. This groundbreaking Teknicraft™ design has the ability to change operations quickly, enabling the site to cover a range of activities such as diving, survey, recovery, salvage, emergency response, towing, oil pollution and cargo, with one single vessel. Moreover, the vessel can fit up to 4 20-foot containers on its deck, and still retain 1000 square feet of space to enable other operations to continue safely.

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