Project Description

All American Marine is the exclusive manufacturer for Teknicraft Design™ in North America. The Wakatere, Teknicraft’s proven hydrofoil-assisted catamaran pilot boat, currently operates in the Port of Auckland, New Zealand. We work with each of our operators to design and construct their vessel to the highest quality, best value and superior performance for any vessel in its respective class. This Pilot Boat design will perform with EPA Tier3 engines. Other traditional monohull boats require more power and T4, which don’t fit!

Wakatere is the first foil-assisted catamaran pilot boat in Australia or New Zealand. Built by Q-West of New Zealand, this unique catamaran design incorporates Teknicraft’s hydrofoil supported hull, and has a fuel consumption of less than 1 gal/nm fuel when cruising at 28 knots. With a top speed of over 40 knots it can reach a ship, and be ready to transfer a pilot within a short time. The excellent maneuverability of the waterjet control system, coupled to the asymmetrical hullshape, makes the boat predictable and stable when coming alongside a ship. The hull shape enables the vessel to hold station and depart without having to counteract interference forces between the pilot boat and the ship. The pilothouse has ample of space for five Pilots and two Crew, and includes a separate galley and washroom facilities. A hydraulic platform behind the transom, with stairs from the deck allows for a quick and safe method to retrieve a person from the sea in case of an emergency. All American Marine prides itself on constructing custom vessels unique to our operators’ specific missions. 

Foil-assisted catamarans are ideal for ports that involve long distances to deliver pilots as they offer significantly lower fuel consumption and higher operational speeds. With a 30-knot operational speed and pilot transfer speed of up to 14 knots, this innovative design also offers exceptional stability, improved seakeeping, large deck areas, and exceptional maneuverability. This specially designed hull is significantly more predictable and stable when coming alongside a ship, and can hold station and depart without having to counteract interference forces between the pilot boat and the ship.

The vessel measures 47 feet in length (hull – 57 ‘ Overall), has a beam of 18 feet, and a draft of ~3 feet. Powered by two Scania DI13 O72M engines with a Hamilton, HJ364 waterjet and Blue Arrow steering, capable of a 478kW (641bhp) @2300rpm rating. Wakatere is not just fast but exceptionally fuel-efficient at slightly over 1 gallon per nautical mile at a service speed of 30 knots. In sea trials, she had a top speed of 42 knots. Traveling at speeds of 30 knots, Wakatere was only using about 67 percent of her power. Wakatere features a large cabin area and engine room. The interior spaces are fitted with high windows to provide an excellent outdoor viewing experience for up to five passengers and two crew members.

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