Project Description

Originally built for the Tennessee Aquarium, located along the banks of the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, the 65’ Teknicraft catamaran now resides in San Francisco Bay, transporting passengers quickly and efficiently around San Francisco. Comfortably seating 70, the River Gorge Explorer transports passengers at speeds topping 50 mph.

Inside, the vessel features angled Beurteaux seating so each passenger can easily see out the side windows or through the overhead sky panes.  The interior is furnished with LCD monitors located throughout the cabin and will be used to share information and other relevant content for passengers’ travel across San Francisco Bay.  An onboard concession kiosk has been crafted to provide guests with refreshments during their trip. Views of the bay can also be enjoyed from the aft deck or the upper observation deck with 360-degree unobstructed viewing potential.

The 65’ x 23’ 6” vessel is a hydrofoil-assisted aluminum catamaran built upon the signature Teknicraft Design hull shape and constructed according to USCG subchapter-T requirements.  The catamaran hull is manufactured with marine grade aluminum alloys and is extremely stable, smooth riding, and helps ensure safety when traveling at high speeds. The River Gorge Explorer can travel at high speeds given its propulsion system and integrated hydrofoil system.  The lifting effect produced by the Teknicraft hydrofoil and signature hull shape causes the vessel to draft less than a foot of water. The minimal draft reduces resistance from the water and enhances both speed and fuel efficiency. The hydrofoil system helps to displace approximately one-third of the vessel’s overall weight, thereby utilizing one-third less horsepower and one-third less fuel.  While sky high fuel prices prohibit most vessels from traveling at higher speeds, the great fuel efficiency of Teknicraft catamarans allows operators to keep the throttles pushed forward. Power for the craft is supplied by four C-18 ACERT engines with 875 bhp at 2200 rpm and propulsion is supplied by four Hamilton Jet HJ 403 water jets.

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