All American Marine began operations over 30 years ago by specializing in building aluminum fishing vessels used from California to Alaska. With the decline of the commercial fishing industry in the 1990s, we adapted to a changing marketplace and set the standard for aluminum vessel manufacturing in North America. Recognized for our craftsmanship and high quality, All American Marine has attained exclusive North American building rights with one of the world’s top naval architects and designers, Nic de Waal of Teknicraft Design, Ltd. in Auckland, New Zealand. The unique Teknicraft design incorporates a cutting-edge hull shape and an optional hydrofoil system in catamarans to create lift and enhance the vessel’s performance. We bring our innovative and proven vessel design and manufacturing capabilities to the growing wind farm support market. All American Marine manufactures the highest quality boats in the industry, and it all starts with a custom yet proven design.


All American marine understands that each of our customer’s operational needs is unique, and there is no single design that fits every operator’s mission. This is why AAM, with its naval architect, Teknicraft Design, focuses on the design and customization of each vessel before manufacturing, then throughout the build process to ensure that the customers’ expectations are achieved and often exceeded. In the boat building industry, builders can often be put into an adversarial position with the vessel designer. A client may think that “Oh, I can buy a set of plans from a designer, shop those plans to several builders, and get a great price.”  They don’t realize that those initial plans are not representative of all the information a builder needs to construct the vessel. An off-the-shelf vessel doesn’t lend itself to stretching and tweaks to accommodate the specific mission as a custom vessel would. Our relationship with Teknicraft since 1999 has benefited our process and, most importantly, our operators. Our holistic approach puts all of those services, metaphorically, under one roof. This exclusive relationship is not common in the shipbuilding industry, as the designer and builder typically operate as separate entities. We work hand in hand with Teknicraft as a single team on every detail of the mission of each vessel before production to ensure the most fuel-efficient, lowest wake energy, and best performing vessel in its class. All American Marine is at the forefront of aluminum vessel design and manufacturing. Our team is committed to guiding you through each step of the process and delivering a vessel that is truly unique to its specific application and at a great value.

Teknicraft | AAM Crew Transfer Vessel

When building a new vessel, design details must be set in stone as early as possible in the construction process, and coordination between the design firm and the builder is critical, including an immediate feedback mechanism for a seamless and transparent flow of information. Materials, production flow and weld quality all impact the final performance of the vessel and must be considered throughout the construction process. Custom builds require a higher level of technical experience, and AAM is committed to employing the highest skilled craftsmen in the market. This, along with our commitment to integrity and long-standing relationship with Teknicraft Design, allows us to produce the absolute best vessels in their class.


The unique Teknicraft design incorporates a cutting-edge hull shape and an optional hydrofoil system in catamarans to create lift and enhance the vessel’s performance. Distinctive design characteristics ensure high-speed travel, ultra-low wake, industry-leading fuel efficiency, and all fully customizable depending on the application. With vessels ranging from Pilot Boats to Crew Transfer Vessels and innovative patrol boats, Passenger Vessels to Dinner Cruise Monohulls, All American has the proven expertise to build any Teknicraft Design right in our state of the art Bellingham, WA shop. Teknicraft hull designs have been recorded as producing one of the lowest levels of wake wash energy within their vessel class and incredible fuel efficiency. The latest in a variety of propulsion methods that are incorporated into construction lead to revolutionary fuel efficiency that often exceeds expectations, even with fully-laden vessels. A Teknicraft Design offers performance advantages unlike any other. The customization potential for both form and function across various vessel applications is our design and construction differentiator. Our design team works directly with each operator to transform their visions into reality.

MO1 CTV Designed by Teknicraft

The unique shape of the Teknicraft catamaran hull lifts and enhances the performance of the vessel while maintaining a smooth ride and industry-leading efficiency. The catamaran hull form is a semi-planing type catamaran and employs a combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical sponson shapes, thereby combining the attributes of both shapes into one hull. The symmetrical bow section ensures directional stability in rough conditions, while the asymmetrical midship and aft sections ensure softness of ride and reduce the wetted area, enhancing comfort and fuel economy, as well as decreasing wake energy. Our catamarans feature a high and wide tunnel between the semi-planing demi-hulls, allowing free passage of wind and waves underneath without harsh contact against the underside of the deck above. Teknicraft developed the extended bow (“Sickle Bow”) of the demi-hull shape to enhance further the already excellent seakeeping characteristics of the Teknicraft signature hull shape. The hull extensions are shaped to have very little freeboard, whereby they significantly reduce vertical accelerations in choppy seas while also reducing pitching motion. The extended hull length reduces rolling motions when operating in quartering seas, while straight tracking is enhanced in following seas. Together, these characteristics ensure enhanced seakeeping, resulting in a softer ride and more comfort for the crew, particularly in rough seas. When operating in calm seas, the extended bow is completely free of the surface, ensuring that the low resistance of the Teknicraft hull is not affected in any way. We are excited to apply more of these signature characteristics to the wind farm market.

The All American Marine-built, Teknicraft designed hull:

Displaces 1/3 of the vessel’s weight

Uses 1/3 less horsepower

Burns 1/3 less fuel

than other vessels in the same class.


In 2017, AAM relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility on Bellingham Bay. Our vessels are built in a state-of-the-art 57,000 sq. ft. production facility adjacent to Bellingham Bay in Washington State. The production shop contains seven overhead bridge cranes, a brake press, shear, CNC router cutter, and a laser-leveled construction platform, all in a temperature-controlled facility. We follow a stringent quality assurance program where all employees participate in regular safety meetings, and each craftsman has committed to paying careful attention to detail and ensuring the highest levels of quality. Depending on the vessel’s application, we ensure stringent US Coast Guard “Subchapter T” or “Subchapter K” vessel certifications, and there are weekly USCG visits and checks throughout the production process. AAM is committed to building a dedicated workforce of well-trained craftsmen from production techniques to employee best practices. Our cohesive team is our secret to adding value and building the best boats for our operators. And most importantly, on time and on budget.

An innovative catamaran hull design paired with optional hydrofoil technology and AAM’s cutting-edge manufacturing techniques has added value to our operators and partners across the board. After a proven vessel design is complete, our team gets to work building the best performing vessel in its class, with the ability to scale up as needed for additional sister ships.

Kitsap Transit Reliance launching from AAM Building


There are many loud voices in this industry, however, we choose to stick with what we know, and that’s building quality boats at a fair price. With a proven track record of repeat customers, vessels still working decades after customer delivery, and being chosen as the go-to builder from operators across North America, All American Marine is dedicated to being on the leading edge of vessel design and manufacturing. We are a leading builder of hybrid-electric vessels in the US and recently launched the first hydrogen-fuel-cell passenger vessel in the world. Customers come to us to provide them with an honest conversation on building the best vessels for their needs and guiding them every step of the way. We manufacture our vessels at a fair price because that’s what it takes to build quality vessels that last and outperform all the rest.

In the Spring of 2021, AAM joined the Bryton Marine Group family of boat builders, further cementing our place among the industry’s best manufacturers of innovative vessels. Bryton has substantial capital resources, a far-reaching distribution network, efficient production, and advanced information systems.  Bryton’s buying power and established systems will enable All American Marine to continue to pioneer cutting-edge marine solutions while operating as a standalone business within the group. We remain committed to our family of employees and operators as we grow into a new future in the maritime industry.

We are committed to being a part of the wind farm revolution because we know we can provide the best tools to achieve a brighter and more sustainable future.

Reach out today and let’s build your next innovative vessel fleet.



Teknicraft | AAM Crew Transfer Vessel Rendering

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