Work Boats

  • USACE 62′ Survey Boat

    62' Aluminum Catamaran Survey Vessel with Hydrofoil assist.

  • 65′ Patrol Boat

    The 65’ x 24’ aluminum catamaran will be used by the LA Port Police dive team ...

  • 134′ Sea Scout

    Transducer wells and deployable sonar struts were thoughtfully integrated into the hull to ensure quality data results.

  • 53′ Peter Gladding

    Florida Key's National Marine Sanctuary's 53' high-speed catamaran serves as a long-range law enforcement patrol boat

  • 83′ R/V Manta

    NOAA purchased another Teknicraft catamaran research vessel by All American Marine

  • 65′ R/V Fulmar

    The 65' R/V Fulmar, built by All American Marine, is the sister ship to the highly successful R/V Shearwater.

  • 48′ R/V AUK

    The 48' R/V Auk operates in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

  • 33′ Dive & Survey

    The Jenny B is a 33' Commercial Dive & Survey Boat built by All American Marine for use in the San Juan Islands

  • 35′ Patrol Boat

    This 35’ aluminum monohull is used in the Great Salt Lake to perform law enforcement patrols and search & rescue operations.

  • 30′ Survey Launches

    All American Marine built and delivered eight aluminum survey launch monohulls for the National Oceanic ...

  • 62′ Shearwater

    The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary's high-speed Teknicraft catamaran is used primarily as a research platform

  • 37′ Reel Time

    This unique design results in a smoother ride, even at high speeds.

  • 64′ New Golden Eye

    High-speed passenger catamarans, such as the New Golden Eye are increasingly used by adventure tour operators.

  • 32′ Charter Fishing Vessel

    Each 6 passenger charter vessel is custom designed for the application and to meet each customers requirements

  • 42′ Patrol

    AAM recently completed construction on a new 42' research vessel for the California Department of Fish and Game.

  • 23′ Chase Boat

    Two Chase Boats launched by All American Marine, Inc. are employed by the Global Aqua Feed company of Utah

  • 32′ Bristol Bay Gillnetter

    AAM is now featuring a newly redesigned fishing vessel for Bristol Bay gillnetters.